Celebrating your Achievements

We celebrate achievements through a range of

Eminent Fellow

A prestigious rank for highly distinguished individuals who have achieved remarkable success in their field.

Distinquished Fellow

Bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements and expertise in their field.

Senior Fellow

For experienced professionals who have reached a high level of expertise and made notable contributions to their field.

Research Fellow

Recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to their respective fields through innovative research.

Visiting Fellow

A term for individuals who temporarily join us to contribute their expertise or conduct research, enriching our academic environment.

International Fellow

This designation is granted to individuals from outside Africa who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, expertise, or contributions in their respective fields and wish to bring their knowledge and experience to our Academy.


Awarded to professionals who have showcased consistent growth, dedication, and significant contributions in their domain. This fellowship serves as a testament to their commitment and promises a future of greater achievements and leadership within their sectors.

Junior Fellow

A designation for early-career individuals seeking to develop their skills and expertise.

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