The Africa Women’s Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Programme

Specially crafted to embolden and elevate women entrepreneurs all over Africa

(EBIP) Is a game-changing initiative, specially crafted to embolden and elevate women entrepreneurs all over Africa. Hosted by The Africa Women’s Leadership Academy (TAWLA), a distinguished center of the prestigious Christian tertiary institution, Accra Business School (ABS) in Ghana, the project is a testament to ABS’s dedication to fostering excellence, innovation, and social impact.


This transformative course, designed with the African entrepreneurial landscape in mind, is aimed at equipping African women entrepreneurs with the confidence, competencies, and creativity to innovate and expand their enterprises. The curriculum focuses on leadership, innovation, financial literacy, and strategic business management.


  • Encourage creativity and innovation among Africa’s women entrepreneurs.
  • Instil vital business management and leadership capabilities.
  • Foster a nurturing network promoting collaboration and mutual support.


  • Deliver tools for recognizing and seizing novel business opportunities.
  • Improve comprehension of financial management, marketing, and strategic business planning.
  • Cultivate leadership aptitudes and decision-making capabilities.
  • Advocate for business ethics in compliance with local and global standards.


Upon course completion, participants will be equipped to:

  • Scrutinize and assess diverse business opportunities and market trends.
  • Develop and execute potent business strategies.
  • Efficiently manage financial resources.
  • Lead and manage teams while nurturing a positive organizational culture.
  • Uphold ethical norms in business practices.


  • Women entrepreneurs at diverse stages of their business journey.
  • Women with an interest in launching their own enterprises.
  • Business professionals eager to mentor or support women entrepreneurs.

This program promises to be a comprehensive, practical, and empowering journey for emerging women entrepreneurs in Africa, providing them with the tools and community to take their businesses to new heights.


This is a 12-week intensive program, divided into the following core modules:

1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Innovation in the African context.
2. Business Planning & Strategy Formulation.
3. Context-specific Marketing & Sales Strategies.
4. Financial Management & Exploration of Funding Sources.
5. Leadership & Team Management.
6. Ethics, Social Responsibility & Sustainability.
7. Networking & Collaboration Opportunities in Business.


  • Module 1: Grasping entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation in the African context.
  • Module 2: Crafting business plans, setting attainable goals, and devising strategies.
  • Module 3: Implementing effective marketing and sales tactics tailored to specific markets.
  • Module 4: Administering finances, understanding various funding options, and planning financially.
  • Module 5: Nurturing leadership skills and managing teams, understanding organizational culture, and resolving conflicts.
  • Module 6: Understanding ethical considerations, embracing social responsibility, and sustainable practices.
  • Module 7: Creating supportive networks, fostering collaboration, and harnessing community resources.

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