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Leading with Confidence

Empowering Women in Early Career Leadership – 3 Day Intensive Program
“Leading with Confidence” is an intensive three-day program specifically designed for women in the early stages of their careers transitioning into new leadership roles. It provides a comprehensive suite of skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to excel as a leader and fulfill professional aspirations. Through hands-on workshops, lively discussions, and real-world exercises, participants will gain confidence, amplify their leadership potential, and lay a solid foundation for sustained success.

The Women in Management Leadership Series

Nurturing Female Leaders in Africa
The Women in Management Leadership Series is a bespoke program specifically curated for African women in management roles looking to broaden their leadership abilities, augment strategic thinking, and improve decision-making skills. This engaging 3-day course combines interactive workshops, vibrant discussions, real-world case studies, and transformative exercises. The course provides participants with the tools to foster a robust, inclusive management style that enables them to face

The Africa Women’s Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Programme

Specially crafted to embolden and elevate women entrepreneurs all over Africa
(EBIP) is a game-changing initiative, specially crafted to embolden and elevate women entrepreneurs all over Africa. Hosted by The Africa Women’s Leadership Academy (TAWLA), a distinguished center of the prestigious Christian tertiary institution, Accra Business School (ABS) in Ghana, the project is a testament to ABS’s dedication to fostering excellence, innovation, and social impact.

Celebrating your Achievements

We celebrate achievements through a range of fellowships:

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